Friday, September 02, 2005

What kind of bullshit is this? Thugs make me sick. These people in New Orleans that are taking advantage of the situation should be shot. They are shooting at people. They are raping, murdering, and looting. They are scum. Imagine if you were there. Your home was destroyed by a category 4 hurricane. You are living in filth. You have no place to go. You have a child or an elderly person that you are trying to take care of. On top of all of this, some idiot with a gun assaults you or rapes someone nearby. WTF is the world coming to, or WTF is America coming to?

On the flip side of this, why were you still in New Orleans? The Mayor ordered everyone to evacuate like 24 hours before the storm hit. I could have walked out of New Orleans in that amount of time easy. "But they may not have had the means or the money", you may say. That's probably true for about 2,000 of them, maybe. The rest were thinking they could wait it out, or they were thinking they'd be brave. You are in a city thats below sea level. You are surrounded by levies. You have the Mississippi River and a big Lake next door. You have a CATEGORY 4/5 hurricane on a direct path to hit your city. Get the fuck out. What would it take to get these people to leave? A cattle prod? Now I agree that some probably couldn't have left. The elderly, people in the hospitals, the handicapped, and maybe a few others I have no doubt had to stay, but there are plenty people stranded in New Orleans that could have got the fuck out of dodge. They caused more trouble by sticking around. I feel sorry for them none-the-less. Maybe, just maybe, they realize how stupid it was to stay though. I wonder if the made for TV movies will show how stupid people were? They should concentrate on that.